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CALORFLEX WARMPRO SERIES Heating Solutions for IBCs and Totes

Since 2020 Calorflex has absorbed WarmPro, a leading company for the past 40 years in the development of heating solutions for IBC’s, Totes and drum containers. By combining WarmPro’s experience and Calorflex’s flexibility and innovative technology, we have achieved the ultimate product: reliable, durable and efficient.

Small image of WARMPRO Calorflex North America
Big image of WARMPRO Calorflex North America

The WarmPro Series features a range of high quality heating jackets and base heaters for warming and controlling the temperatures of products transported or stored in IBC and Tote containers. Every heater contains a set of unique carbon/graphite elements which produce heat evenly and efficiently over their entire surface area. The result is a safe and effective heating process ideal for use in a multitude of applications and services.

The cutting-edge technology incorporated into every Calorflex WarmPro series product ensures maximum performance without sacrificing overall energy and efficiency. For Customers who are serious about their heating needs, the Calorflex WarmPro Series heating systems are the clear choice.


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