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WarmPro IBC Heaters

WarmPro Buckhorn Base Pad – WPBx

WarmPro IBC Heaters are designed to raise the temperature of 1000 litres of material inside Intermediate Bulk Containers anywhere from 40-85°C in 24-48 hours. Robust, re-useable heaters – incorporating several important design features including rounded edges and slim clearance allowing it to fit under the folded panels. A made to measure heater that covers the entire floor footprint, it is quick to install and, most importantly, stays in the IBC when folded. A range of thermostats is available allowing for precise temperature regulation needed by specific products. All aluminum construction results in a light weight unit that is easy to lift out for washing or transfer between IBC’s. The cord can be replaced up to seven times contributing to an average service life of up to ten years. Designed to be serviceable and recyclable.


  • All aluminum construction
  • Rounded edge & corner profiles
  • Replaceable power cord
  • Waterproof
  • Safety Certified
  • Four independently controlled full coverage carbon heating elements
  • Rugged strap for easy lift out
  • Four safety over-temperature Cutoffs
  • Thermal insulated interior/base
  • Class 1 electrical appliance
  • Long service life
  • Designed & manufactured in North America


  • Buckhorn Brand IBCs
  • Arca Brand IBCs

The Buckhorn Caliber IBC with it’s air-pocket insulated side panels is ideal for efficient heating of hard to melt temperature sensitive products. Our Base Heaters are made in North America. Custom designs and engineering support are available for hard to heat applications. Return of the unit safely inside the IBC means repair and rework downtime due to transport damage is cut dramatically – a vital factor for reliability 

The slim profile of the Base Heater means it fits snugly into the floor cavity of the Caliber and allows the sides to be folded down without damage or interference with the IBC’s collapsible design

The power cord reaches up and out one corner allowing the bag full clearance in the IBC.

The overall 11mm thickness of the Slimline transitions to 25mm at one end. The PVC insulated power cord enters through a removable and replaceable strain relief fitting.


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